District Chairperson

I take this great honor to welcome you to Kanungu district local government web portal which aims at fulfilling the principles of good governance that is transparency and accountability through providing information and accountability to the people. Therefore the website provides a great opportunity to inform, share, disseminate and get feedback regarding the services provided to the people. Kanungu district is located in South-western Uganda between 290 50’E and 0045’S of the Equator, bordering the Districts of Rukungiri in the North and east, Kabale in southeast, Kisoro in the south and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west. Kanungu district local government headquarters are in Kanungu Town, about 450 km from Kampala the Capital City of Uganda. The district was formed in 2001 by the government of Uganda with one county and two constituencies that is Kinkizi east and Kinkizi west with 13 sub-counties, 4 town councils, 79 parishes and 530 villages. I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to the Central Government for the financial and technical support given to Kanungu District as well Development partners for the support rendered towards implementation of various programmes in the District. Allow me to also extend my sincere gratitude to the District Executive Committee, Hon. Councilors, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and his technical team as well as district Hon. Members of Parliament for cooperation exhibited towards improving service delivery to the people of Kanungu District and ask them to remain focused on identifying service delivery gaps in areas of their responsibility and always work towards providing viable solutions to benefit our people in a harmonious way. The District in its transformation journey aims to make a difference to the lives of its people. For this to happen, we seek participation of all, and guarantee security of persons and property by making the District a safe and attractive place to live in, work in , invest in and visit. We hope to get positive ideas, suggestions, comments and support that will help us improve and take the District to another level. I say all this For God and my country